ENSA-LC Series

The ENSA™ intelligent energy saving switch series comprises a wide range of automated, smart switches that use a variety of different sensors to control light use. This innovative combination of sensors ensures your lights will only turn on when you need them to, saving you on power costs and reducing the impact on the environment.

Each intelligent switch features adjustable light sensing, movement sensing and on-timer delay so you may tailor light use to your exact specifications.

Series Features

The ENSA-LC series features a range of dusk and dawn sensors. These are daylight sensor to control lights at dusk and dawn. These switchs are ideal for use in conjunction with any light, but is especially useful when used with an energy efficient ENSA LED light. The ENSA-LC series can multiply power cost savings by controlling your already energy-efficient light to turn on only when you need it. 

Once installed, the daylight sensor measures ambient light levels (sensitivity for the daylight sensor can be adjusted on the unit). If the light levels fall below the set limit, the light control sensor is activated and the connected light will turn on. The daylight sensor is compact and corded, making outdoor installation a simple task.

  • Ingress protection weather resistence for outdoor installation
  • Boost your efficiency by maximising use of natural light
  • Adjustable daylight sensor of 5 ~ 50 Lux (LC-1) and 2 ~ 100 Lux (LC-3)


The ENSA-LC Series is suitable for a variety of applications.

  • Residential
  • Offices and businesses
  • General security lighting applications
  • The ENSA-LC Series

    220 ~ 240VAC 50Hz 220 ~ 240VAC 50Hz 220 ~ 240VAC 50Hz
    5 ~ 50 Lux 5 ~ 50 Lux 2 ~ 100 Lux
    10A 10A 20A
    IP44 Ip65 IP65 (photocell only)
    Place above light Place above light Switchboard enclosure/cabinet

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