ENSA-RS Series

Automate your LED lighting with the ENSA-RS1 2 channel 240VAC mains voltage RF receiver. With a maximum rated load of up to 1000W, you can integrate wireless triggering for a large number of lights via this receiver. The receiver shell is IP55 rated and suitable for external use.

The ENSA-RS1 includes two keyfobs for light control. The receiver can also be triggered by up to 128 universal transmitters. This includes wireless passive infrared detectors, beam/curtain detectors and door/window reed switches.

Series Features

  • 240VAC 433.92MHz fixed code receiver with up to 100m RF range (LoS)
  • Remote control your LED lighting for added security and energy savings
  • Comes standard with two remote control keyfobs
  • IP55 weather/dust resistant; suitable for mounting with lighting
  • Add up to 128 remotes or universal transmitters
  • Integrate wireless PIR and reed switches for automatic activation of lights


    The ENSA-RS can be triggered by up to 128 universal transmitters (including wireless passive infrared detectors, beam/curtain detectors and door/window reed switches) making the ENSA-RS ideal for security lighting applications.

    Universal Transmitters

    Additional Information

    The ENSA-RS1 can be configured to have up to 128 universal transmitters. It is compatible with a wide range of wireless sensors, including:

    • Wireless reed & roller shutter reed switches: Ideal for trigger lights on open/close, garages, sheds, warehouses, halls, on windows etc.
    • Passive infrared detectors: Standard pet immune, ceiling mount and solar powered external sensors; perfect for triggering lights on general motion detection. Great for energy saving in intermittent people traffic areas.
    • Infrared beam presence detector: Ideal for wireless curtain beam detection, eg: gates, walkways, corridors, fences, etc.

    The ENSA-RS Series

    Frequency 433.92MHz fixed code
    Range (LoS) 100m
    2 relay outputs (latched or timed)
    Product specifications vary by model. See individual product pages for details.

    Product Range