LTU-A Series

The ENSA™ LED tube light series is designed to reduce your fluorescent tube lighting costs by a minimum of 50% and are available in 600mm (2ft), 1200mm (4ft) and 1500mm (5ft) lengths.

LTU-A series tubes are more than just energy efficient options to conventional fluorescents. They also deliver better quality & longer lasting light with no UV, they do not require a magnetic or electronic ballast, they turn on/off instantly with no warm up period, they do not fade or flicker, and are 100% recyclable with no mercury or toxic materials.

Each tube features an AC input at one end only and is supplied with an LED starter to replace fluorescent tube fuses. 

Series Features

  • Cut your energy use in half by switching to LED tubes.
  • High luminous efficacy for optimal return on investment.
  • Long lifespan LED lighting: rated for up to 50,000 hours.
  • Retrofit or replace: ideal for carparks, offices and more.
  • Polycarbonate for low risk of shock (standard model only).
  • Supplied with replacement LED starter.


The LTU-A series delivers energy efficient lighting, is suitable for: 

  • Office and businesses
  • Carparks

The LTU-A Series

900lm 1800lm 2200lm
140° 140° 140°
9W 18W 22W
Dimensions Ø26 x 588mm Ø26 x 1198mm Ø26 x 1498mm
Product specifications vary by model. See individual product pages for details.

Product Range